Apple Activates HomePod Smoke Alarm Detection: Here’s How to Set It Up

Apple activates HomePod smoke alarm detection and it will notify you if a smoke or CO detector in your house activates. The second-generation HomePod’s Sound Recognition feature, which was initially introduced at that time, listens for the alarm sound and notifies your phone. Although we haven’t yet noticed it in our apps, Apple claims that the feature is now rolling out on the first- and second-generation HomePods as well as the HomePod Mini.

Apple activates HomePod smoke alarm detection

Apple released the updated HomePod in January along with the introduction of what it refers to as Sound Recognition. Although it released the updated HomeKit architecture in November 2022, it was later pulled in December because it was necessary to utilize.

With the recent releases of iOS 16.4 and macOS Ventura 13.3, the new HomeKit architecture is once more available. Although Sound Recognition is now accessible, it’s unclear why it wasn’t when those OSes were first released or even if it was.

Users are supposed to receive notifications if there is a fire or even just smoke at home while they are away. The smoke or carbon monoxide alarm can be recognized by the HomePod or HomePod mini, which can then cause the alert to be sent.

“Sound Recognition may detect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm sounds and send you notifications when recognized,” Apple makes this statement in the HomePod specifications. “Sound Recognition should not be relied upon in circumstances where you may be harmed or injured, or in high-risk or emergency situations.”

Since neither the HomePod nor the HomePod mini include a smoke detector, this system relies solely on sound, therefore users must have a smoke alarm for it to function. However, a temperature sensor is present in both models.

Therefore, a HomePod may hear the sound of an alarm as well as detect a rise in temperature in a properly configured smart home environment.

In addition to having a smoke alarm, users must also have all of their Apple devices running the most recent software in order for the new Sound Recognition to function.

How to set up your HomePod to send alerts?

It’s a great safety feature and much less expensive than buying brand-new, smart, internet-enabled smoke detectors that can alert you when they ring for every smoke alarm in your house.

1. Start the Home app on your iPhone.

2. Locate your HomePod on your iPhone and tap on it to start.

3. Tap the gear icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen to enter the settings.

4. Select Sound Recognition by moving the cursor down.

5. Select the Smoke & CO Alarm checkbox.

Note: Your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch will receive notifications when smoke or carbon monoxide alarms are detected. Make sure your smartphone does not have the Home app’s notifications turned off if you want to see the notifications as they come in.

Source: Apple Support

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