Android 14 to Block Sideloading Certain APK Files

Android 14 is set to come out by May this year and for all Android enthusiasts, this is bitter-sweet news. Users won’t be able to download old apps from third-party sources once Android 14 is released & installed on their phones. Based on some reports, Android 14 is set to block sideloading certain APK files to prevent installing applications that are designed for outdated operating systems.

Android 14 News Featured | Android 14 to Block Sideloading Certain APK

Only recently launched applications can presently target Android versions older than 12 on Google Play. However, users could still sideload out-of-date software. Earlier you could reinstall Google Play downloaded applications. Android 14 will, however, transform everything.

Will Installing Outdated Apps Become Impossible?

Through the use of a new flag in the command shell, users will be able to download outdated programs. But using this function, which allows installation as well as sideloading programs, will require extensive technical skills that are hard to come by.

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Why This Change of Guidelines?

A recent code change posting through 9to5Google informed users won’t be able to sideload particular APK file due to this new modification. They are developing stronger API guidelines for Android 14. Additionally, the functionality will prevent these programs from being installed via third-party app stores as well. This feature will help reduce the likelihood of Android malware attacks. Android 14 to block sideloading certain APK files will provide Android 14 phones with an additional degree of security.

With the intention of starting with the newest versions and working up to disabling applications until Android 6, Google discovered that Android 14, by default, will block any apps designed for highly outdated versions of Android. Android will prevent installation if an app developer, even an expert one, does not update their software to more recent source code.

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