Amazon Fire TV offers Free Music Videos, Viral Videos, and other Ad-Supported Content

Amazon Prime Videos: Amazon Fire TV offers Free Music Videos, Viral Videos, and other Ad-Supported Content

Tens of thousands of music videos from both large and independent labels are now available to Fire TV customers in the US for free, according to a recent announcement from Amazon. The music videos can be viewed for free without any downloads, payments, or subscriptions. Amazon Fire TV offers free music videos, viral videos, and other ad-supported content. The Billboard Hot 100 artists, including Taylor Swift, Drake, Harry Styles, and Lizzo, as well as a selection of timeless songs from many genres, will all have music videos that are funded by advertisements and would be up and running on the app. Daily additions of new content are promised by the company.

The users will now be able to get recommendations based on their likes, interests, and viewing history. They will be able to create their own list of music videos. Not only music would catch the attention of the users, but also provide insights into the business, finance, and economic news from Bloomberg, The Street, CNBC, and more. For the users’ daily dose of gossip, entertainment news from E! News and Mixible would also feature on the app. The gamers will get also get gaming and Esports news from IGN, ESTV, and Crown Channel. Viewers can access entertaining clips from Always Funny Videos, FailArmy, People Are Awesome, and The Pet Collective.

By tapping the voice control on the Fire TV remote and asking Alexa to discover music videos, you can access the music videos. Alternatively, you can go to the App Store and type in Music Videos before selecting Music Videos on Fire TV. To download the app, click get from there. The free music videos can be accessed by choosing open after the download is complete. By selecting the Home symbol on the Fire TV navigation bar or by hitting the Home button on the Alexa Voice remote, you may access the new free additional content. To find Business & Finance News, Entertainment News, or Gaming News & Esports, scroll down after that.

The announcement follows Amazon’s addition of free movie trailers, lifestyle articles, sports highlights, and more to Fire TV a few months ago. It makes sense for Amazon to offer more free content on Fire TV given that viewers are turning to free music videos, viral videos, and other ad-supported entertainment and content before streaming subscription fees rise.

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