Adthos Brings AI to Audio Advertising

Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm. Numerous companies are coming up with features that use AI in order to complete tasks faster and in an easier way. Also with the booming podcasts industry what has gained pace are the advertisements during these podcasts and other only audio media sources. Taking into account the major boom, Adthos, an audio advertisement company, brings AI to audio advertising.

Adthos Brings AI to Audio Advertising

The kind of technologies being used by Adthos are the Text to speech and synthetic voice. The idea behind is to have some recordings of voice actors and then use them as basis for AI to generate consumer specific advertisements. Here voice actors are needed to sign consent and licensing agreements so that customers of AI generative ads platforms can use voice of their liking to create advertisements of their own.

Adthos has a variety of features in its creative studio which comes in quite handy for small businesses that are looking forward to an easy method of creating advertisements for their business that too in a time frame of minutes. Moreover the ads can be powerfully targeted as it provides users with an option to make them area specific.

The area specificity changes can be made in the same advertisement instead of making many different versions that would cost time and effort. Here it also provides with an option to add local weather data which makes the advertisement authentic every time it reaches a potential customer.

This kind of use of AI generative tools by new emerging companies is not only a boon them but for smaller companies for whom its hard to invest large sum of money in advertising and hiring voice actors.

Source: Adthos Website

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