1440p vs 4K: Which is Better?

Experience the ultimate visual experience as you witness a battle between displays.

Whether you are a full-time YouTuber or a part-time video editor, it is necessary to have the right equipment for fruitful results. It may include a powerful GPU, graphics card, mic, and whatnot. But what’s even more essential is investing in a high-end monitor and for that, you must thoroughly understand 1080p vs 1440p vs 4k. So, if this is something that troubles your mind often, read this article till the end to understand better.

1440p vs 4k: Which is Better?

1440p vs 4K: Which is Better?

It does not matter whether you are tech-savvy as long as you have the right equipment for your work. If the hardware is incompatible with the software, this can cause lagging, unexpected slowdowns, app crashes, and whatnot. Similarly, you should go for a monitor that fits your budget and does not compromise with the picture quality.

1440p vs 4K Monitor

Let us now get down to the depths of 1440p vs 4k monitor. The best part about 1440p monitors is that they are cheaper than 4k. Although this is due to their lack of good photo quality and crisp images, gamers who are here for only speed and efficiency generally opt for 1440p monitors.

However, going for a 4k monitor might cost double the money with enhanced features and impeccable visual quality. If you are super into streaming online content endlessly for long durations, 4k monitors are your best partners. So, unless you are extremely keen on competitive gaming, a 1440p monitor with decent resolution but smooth gameplay is what you actually need to make your life better.

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1440p vs 4K Gaming Difference

If you are also troubled with the question that whether you should go for a 1440p or 4K PC, let us ease things for you. Actually, it all depends on your requirements and expectations from the gaming PC. For instance, if you invest your time in beating the high score or competing with people in FPS games, 4k is a good option.

It is also great to carry out professional video editing and similar high-tech tasks. While comparing 144p with 4K for gamers, it is generally advised to go for the latter option as it is an all-rounder. From impeccable video quality to sharp images and heightened details, 4K covers everything. However, all this comes with the responsibility of investing in heavy-duty hardware like CPU and graphics card to give the required support. On the other hand, 1440p gives a high refresh rate and frames per second which makes it an ideal choice for gamers.

1080p vs 1440p vs 4K

Do you also get confused in 1080p vs 1440p vs 4k? If so, worry not as you are not alone. This is not something which people are usually aware of and thus, they end up buying the wrong monitor.

1080p 1440p 4k
Its screen resolution is 1920×1080. 1440p has a screen resolution of 2560×1440. A 4K resolution screen is 3860×2160.
1080p monitors fall in the budget-friendly category. This is a budget-friendly option. 4k is more expensive than the other two options.
It needs more CPU usage. It does not take up much CPU storage and power. This requires more CPU usage.
1080p does not focus much on picture quality and minute details. It offers average screen resolution and less defined pictures than 4k. 4k offers better picture quality and high resolution.
It offers a great frame rate, FPS, and good experience. This does not offer an immersive experience. It offers a more immersive and realistic experience to users.

1080p vs 4K Gaming

If you are specifically building a new gaming PC, you should have in-depth knowledge about what it takes to make it happen and make a comparison on 1080p vs 4k gaming.

To begin with, 4k is considered the next generation of 1080p. It is packed with numerous features that make tedious tasks like editing and gaming a fun and smooth process. If you were using a different monitor earlier, you will be captivated by the stunning visual experience, rich intense colors, and sharp images on a 4k monitor. This is because 4k monitors have four times the pixels of a 1080p monitor.

On the other hand, many seasoned gamers go for 1080p monitors. Even though they lack the stunning picture quality of a 4k monitor, 1080p monitors are great for people who simply go for FPS, refresh rates, and response time. In other words, 1080p is a great option for someone who does not go for the looks for the quality. Well, you might have got clarity on this from 1080p vs 1440p vs 4k table.

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1080p vs 4K Monitor

Getting your hands on a new monitor be it for gaming, editing, or simply watching entertaining content can be exorbitant. Thus, you must make a smart choice which goes well with your requirements and is worth each penny. Here are the differences between 1440p vs 4k monitors that you should know about.

1. Screen Size

The first and foremost thing to consider is the screen size of your monitor. As mentioned earlier in the article, 4k monitors are great for their mesmerizing visuals and sharp pictures. If you want to make the most out of a 4k monitor, you should go for a 27”. Similarly, with 1080p monitors, a 21.5″- 27″ monitor is the preferred size. But remember to not exceed this limit as doing so will cause poor pixel density.

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2. Visuals

The outstanding picture quality of 4k monitors has been stressed enough. If graphics and visuals are everything you need and you want something immersive and surreal, 4k is a good option. So even if you set graphics too low while playing on a 4k monitor, you will still get outstanding image clarity. On the other hand, even though 1080p is Full HD, the visuals are not satisfactory.

3. Hardware Requirements

To your surprise, nowadays, most graphics cards can run games at 1080p with over 60 FPS. If you are more inclined towards high-budget blockbuster AAA games, this might be a good option. The best part is that a major chunk of decent monitors run perfectly in 1080p and it supports an extensive number of games.

But if you want the advantages of 4k resolution, you will have to invest in a more high-end GPU which is capable of handling the technical responsibilities thrown at it. Moreover, you will have to take into consideration the over cost of building a gaming PC with 4k. Apart from this, some games, especially the OG ones do not run in 4k which can make things disheartening.

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4. Price

As mentioned earlier, if you want to buy a new monitor without exceeding the budget, 1080p is the ideal choice. It is available for as low as $200. Nonetheless, remember that the price is entirely dependent on the model, release date, features, technology, and brand.

On the other hand, 4k monitors are on the expensive side due to their high resolution and picture quality. Although recent times have witnessed a slight drop in their price, they are still around $300 – $600.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is 1440p better than 4K?

Ans. It depends. If you are a gaming enthusiast, 1440p is a much better option than 4K.

Q2. Is there a big difference between 1440p and 4K?

Ans. Yes, 4K implies four times the pixels as compared to 1440p. In other words, gamers get to see four times more detailed and clearer picture quality. Moreover, if you go for a large screen, the image quality is sharper too.

Q3. Is 4K really necessary for gaming?

Ans. Yes. If you use your PC for high-tech video editing work, recording, or playing games with an all-time favorite powerful graphics card then you should go for the 4K monitor. This has to be kept in mind between 1440p vs 4k gaming.

Q4. Does 4K look better on 1440p monitor?

Ans. It depends as only a few devices can playback 4K videos. Therefore, if you are streaming something on a 1440p monitor, 4K will be downscaled and look pathetic.


We hope this article resolved all your queries regarding 1440p vs 4k. If so, let us know about your reviews and suggestions in the comments down below. Also, share something which you would like to read next.

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